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Film Review – Spy

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The reigning queen of comedy is back with her latest blockbuster film, Spy.

007 meets Starsky and Hutch, Melissa McCarthy stars as unnoticed CIA-analyst Susan Cooper who has remained desk-bound ever since the start of her career. When the identities of all active agents are comprised, Susan is the agency’s only chance to infiltrate the enemy and become the ultimate undercover spy.

Teaming up with director Feig for the third time – after successful releases Bridesmaids and The Heat – McCarthy and Feig once again creates a successful comedic product that is sure to be a hit with moviegoers. This time, Feig and McCarthy combine the comedy, action spy genre to create a visually exceptional film filled with witty events. Written by Feig also, the script is filled with hilarious dialogue that is visually dynamic to see on screen. Furthermore, the combination of comedic lines and the espionage choreography was superbly entertaining.  Together, the acclaimed duo has created a foolproof formula that continues to generate worldwide success.

Spy insert

There’s no doubt that McCarthy can make audiences laugh and with Spy, she certainly has. McCarthy’s Susan is consistently unnoticed by her workers, with the exception of partner Bradley Fine (Jude Law), who relies on her for all covert operations. An inconspicuous character placed in a wild situation, McCarthy excels in these roles that showcase her ability to breakout and produce laughs. The highlight of Spy was definitely the comedic performance by actors who are usually known for their dramatic inclination. A notable accomplishment in this case certainly goes to Jason Statham; typically deemed an “action star”, Statham proves that he is surprisingly capable of comedy. Likewise, Rose Byrne shines as villain Rayna Boyanov with a fierce attitude.

After a recent underwhelming turn in Tammy, McCarthy hits it right this time with Spy. True to form, the comedic script is outstanding and executed well by the cast. McCarthy delivers her one-liners like a pro, although some jokes missed the mark due to clichés and timing. Feig excellently transcends the comedic genre by adding a climatic twist, enhancing the espionage element of the film. Adding a comedic element to the spy genre, together with an excellently casted ensemble cast and hilarious script, Spy is a fun and exciting espionage film.

Spy has all the great elements of espionage, comedy and action that makes it impressive and entertaining, as well as McCarthy’s best starring film to date.

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