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Film Review – Pacific Rim (3D)

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Director Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth) doesn’t waste any time getting down to business in his nearly $200 million release, Pacific Rim.  The film, which opens with a scene of the Golden Gate Bridge being destroyed,  gets right into the action from the very beginning and barely lets up at all through the roughly 2 hour and fifteen minute runtime.  In Pacific Rim,  mankind has joined together to build giant human-piloted robots in order to defeat huge dinosaur-type creatures which are invading the earth through a mysterious porthole deep in the ocean. It’s a little bit of Transformers, a splash of Godzilla, and a dash of Top Gun all rolled into one.

pacific rim

From the very beginning, I realized that this film has the most amazing visual effects of any film I have ever seen. Period.  Del Toro has built a spectacular world on a colossal scale, and has made it very believable. The plot is okay, and the acting is okay, but the action and effects…are… incredible.  Where Michael Bay fails in the Transformers series by editing the action in his movies in such short clips that it’s very difficult to follow, del Toro triumphs. The fight scenes between the robots and the monsters are spectacular and easy to follow.  The destruction and devastation are of a magnitude that, until now, I wouldn’t have imagined is even possible in a movie.  The effects blend in so seamlessly with the real settings, it’s really difficult to tell what is real and what isn’t.  And not because everything looks fake, but because EVERYTHING look so REAL.

Del Toro has set the bar for visual effects at a new height with Pacific Rim. If you like action and visual effects, you will not be disappointed….in this film. But, you may not look at others quite the same anymore.

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