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Film Review – One Chance

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I didn’t know much about the immeasurable talents of Paul Potts once settling in for the bio picture One Chance. But this infectious British comedy made sure that we knew him inside and out, not only as a character on screen, but the persona of Paul Potts himself, throughout his journey of self discovery and trials to realise his dreams of becoming an opera singer.

One Chance is a truly inspiring story. Motioning us as the viewer forward along the life of Paul Potts and the path in which leads him to the climatic end at the Britians Got Talent show, before becoming an over night sensation.

Not only does the story detail the woes of his rutted turmoil; the struggles with growing up in an uninspiring town, with the unforgiving nature of an ignorant father ultimately leading to a recluse life. It also savours a taste of comedic quality that makes the entire experience memorable. Holding no barriers in propelling what could have been a cliche’d story of success into a triumph.

The emotional weight of a struggling artist is the thematic threshold of One Chance. Dreams become a reality, and than ultimately becoming crushed in the uncertain road that we travel alongside Potts with. His experiences, either tragic or exhilarating, are projected perfectly, never skipping a beat in the events that have succumb.

One Chance Insert

During the beginning of the third act, the feeling of a missed opportunity presents itself. Only skimming slightly along the surface of what could have been a serious delve into Potts character and the tragedy that unfolded. But alas, it swiftly sets aside the idea and motions forward with vigor to the finale.

One Chance clearly knew what would work and what wouldn’t. It crafted such a humorous and heart felt emotional punch, rebelling against a documentary re telling of Paul Potts, and expertly established the endurance of the human will against all odds that each and every one of us are capable of.

Potts might of had a few chances come along his way, but the title of the film doesn’t exist with finality, proposing (just like the story) that there are countless chances in life, but there could be one opportunity that would have the outcome you have only dreamt of in your wildest dreams, and One Chance hits that note without hindrance.

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