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Feature: Musical Mentors: How Celebrities Are Making a Difference in Students’ Lives

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While the times when we had posters on the walls of our college rooms may be gone, the role of celebrities in the lives of students is only increasing as we all tend to follow at least one person we admire. The reason for that is the use of social media and the unique possibility to learn more about the personalities we look up to. It has been way more difficult in the past as there were various musical journals and memorabilia that allowed us to learn those tiny bits of information that often became legendary. The current situation is totally different, as celebrities also have a chance to have a say and inspire students to become engaged in social, environmental, or even political issues. Depending on the celebrity, students create groups and approach learning as a way to make a difference by following in the footsteps of their role models. 

How Celebrities are Making a Difference in Students’ Lives 

– Hatch Day or Jennifer and Julia Hudson. 

These two beautiful ladies have made a major difference in the lives of students. The purpose of the foundation is to give away over 2,000 backpacks with all the school supplies per academic year. As the Covid-19 situation took place, the foundation has focused on school masks, hand sanitizers, and online mental support. There are also many helpful events to support schoolchildren during times of trouble by assisting them with books and studies. While the foundation may not offer online writing services, it helps to support vulnerable students in Chicago and the surrounding areas. It has also inspired many students in the United States to create social media groups and purchase backpacks for the students. 

– From One Hand to Another or Pharrell Williams. 

Pharrell’s foundation helps students to receive music education and all the necessary tools to allow creativity to flow. Starting with the giveaway of school supplies to music lessons right in the streets, the foundation helps to empower young people and make a positive change in their lives. As Pharrell knows of all the challenges, he uses his love for music and performing as a way to inspire other young people. He also helps to organize summer camps with a focus on STEM programs. The best thing about these camps is that they focus on students that come from underprivileged or low-income families. 

– Girl Rising and Priyanka Chopra Jones. 

Taking a quick look at the celebrities, it’s not hard to notice that many of them have earned honorary university and college degrees. While one can research universities celebrities went to, it also shows that far not everyone can get enrolled without funds and resources. It’s a reason why Priyanka Chopra created a special foundation that focuses on access to research education programs for girls worldwide. This foundation helps to educate and empower young ladies as they participate in research work. This campaign has also been turned into a documentary which became available in 2013. Famous names like Meryl Streep, Alicia Keys, and Anne Hathaway also contribute to the success of this amazing foundation. 

– Beygood Foundation or Beyonce and Jay-Z. 

Beyonce and Jay-Z are no strangers to making a difference in the lives of students. The BeyGOOD foundation focuses on healthcare issues faced by students, disaster relief, housing, and education for those who cannot afford it. Working with various scholarships for historically black colleges, they are a true example of using one’s celebrity status correctly! 

Charity or Anyone Can Make a Difference 

The role of charity and volunteering has changed and transformed during the last few decades. Celebrities have played a major role in this transformation, as we have learned about crowdfunding campaigns and social media initiatives. It has made it possible to use celebrity status to deliver an important message and talk about social issues that are often silenced. In a certain sense, celebrities became the voice of the many by focusing on the most vulnerable and by participating in social campaigns. Starting from animal care shelters to the creation of anti-bullying campaigns online, many celebrities like Billy Joel, Alyssa Miller, Priyanka Chopra, and Lady Gaga, among others, make a difference in the lives of students worldwide. They set a positive example and inspire students to speak out and participate in charity and volunteering campaigns. It is the precise case when the sparkle helps to spread the fire of equality, sincerity, mutual care, and love. 


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