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Feature: How are bands & musicians trying to reduce their carbon footprint? 

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Global warming has been a longstanding problem that needs to be resolved before it’s too late. This has been caused by carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere and this is contributed by people all over the world. It’s estimated that each person has a carbon footprint of 16 tons in the U.S., making it one of the highest rates on the globe.

Everyone must do their bit and high-level individuals are no exception. One group of people that are actively trying to reduce their carbon footprint is bands and musicians. It’s no secret that these people travel all over the world to play shows, which can lead to high carbon emissions being released by their journeys to different concert venues. It’s estimated that touring bands play somewhere between 36 and 72 concerts every year, which is a huge amount of shows that could have a high carbon footprint.

So, what are these bands doing to combat this? We’ve put together a list of the different ways bands are trying to reduce their carbon footprint to ensure they’re leading by example in the fight against climate change. Read on to find out more.


Artists are now looking at the ways they get from venue to venue. Some of the more eco-friendly ways to get around include getting the train or travelling on a fully electric tour bus. However, private jet rental is still needed to get them to overseas locations as they often have tight deadlines to get to their next show and driving or getting the train may not be an option here.

Encourage more eco-friendly travel by audience members too

With thousands of people attending a concert, audience members must also do their bit in supporting the musician to bring down the carbon footprint of the show. Artists should encourage the audience to travel on public transport or carpool to their shows to help.


Offsetting the carbon emissions from the show is another great way of reducing a band’s carbon footprint. One technique that has been used by artists to do this in the past is planting one tree for every ticket bought.

These are just some of the ways the music industry is combatting a global crisis but there’s still a long way to go. This fight requires all artists and fans to do their bit to keep the carbon emissions of each show to a minimum.