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Feature: Celebrities Who Dominate the Online Gaming Scene

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Gambling entertainment appeals to many people, and celebrities are definitely on the list. Famous people like to have a good time and find the casino, poker, and betting a pretty good choice for that. While celebrities play the same games and bet on sports competitions like anyone else, there’s one huge difference: their bankrolls are worth hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. This means bigger risks, huge winnings, and sometimes significant losses.

A lot of celebrities like to spend time gambling, but few make headlines with it. Here’s the list of famous and rich whose casino play became as prominent as they are themselves.

Ben Affleck

A famous Hollywood actor who starred as Batman in the DC Comics films is not new to gambling. He’s a skilled player with years of experience in casino tables & card games, especially blackjack. The story of him being banned from playing this game at Las Vegas Hard Rock is the best evidence of his talents. Affleck was counting cards so successfully that his constant winnings eventually became a problem for the casino venue. So, the management politely asked him to change the game.

The story of Ben Affleck being a card counter made some big headlines back then. Though it’s a cool story, some sources say that the actor sometimes gambles too much, and it even has a negative impact on his personal life.

Michael Jordan

Celebrities who gamble are not only actors. This list also includes singers, famous musicians, and athletes. One of the biggest names here is Michael Jordan. This most famous NBA basketball player is a renowned gambler who likes to play poker and bet on sports. There are stories of him enjoying poker with his buddies throughout the night, even before important games. Though, it seems that this fact didn’t impact his game performance quality in most cases, and he still was the best on the court.

Jordan’s betting on sports also made a few headlines because of his reportedly wagering hundreds of thousands of dollars per play.

Matt Damon

Hollywood star Matt Damon is one of the most prominent high-rollers among celebrities. He enjoys gambling and always plays big. He’s a famous casino goer who likes to visit the top gambling venues in the world.

Damon is reportedly a skilled player with a propensity to high stakes and risky gambling tactics. He loves to play table games, especially blackjack and poker.

The actor had initially mastered gambling strategies when he was trained by a professional poker player Johnny Chan. Back then, more than 20 years ago, he did this to prepare for the role in the Rounders movie. As we can see, this experience has grown into a long-lasting passion for casino games.

The headlines say that Matt Damon has participated in several big poker tournaments and was rather successful in his play.

Tobey Maguire

A Hollywood star actor Tobey Maguire – most famous for his role in the early 2000s Spider-Man franchise – is a vehement fan of gambling and casino. He mostly prefers poker and blackjack – the games he’s truly good at. Maguire participated in several big tournaments, including the World Series of Poker, and won a few big pots with one reaching $300 000. Though, there were also big losses in the actor’s gaming experience, including the biggest one of around $400 000 in a blackjack game.

Tobey Maguire made some big headlines in 2011 when the Hollywood underground poker games were revealed to the public by journalists’ investigations. Tobey played with many other celebs with such big names as Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck on the list. He reportedly won up to $40M during these gaming sessions. The other side of the coin is that some participants have lost millions of dollars in this underground poker league.

Why do Celebrities Gamble?

Famous people like good entertainment like everyone else and even more. Their occupations usually consume a lot of time and effort, so they need to occasionally chill out and have a good time. They can visit a popular land-based casino to play publicly or choose online gambling sites for a more private casino experience.

The key reasons why celebs gamble are:

  • enjoying time in the company of other VIP persons;
  • the thrill of the unknown outcome of the game;
  • the ability to outplay other players or the house;
  • big wins from high stakes;
  • the ability to unwind and relax.

Conclusion on Celebrity Gambling

Rich and famous people do like gambling a lot. Many of them are casino goers or poker fans. Some celebs consider it as a VIP entertainment with co-stars while others just like the game and even take efforts to master it. Anyway, celebrities will probably continue to make big headlines with stories of gambling and thousands of dollars in wins and losses.


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