Thu. May 30th, 2024

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EP Review: Vanessa Carlton – Blue Pool

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It’s been four years since we last heard any new material from singer/songwriter Vanessa Carlton, but don’t worry, she’s working hard to bring out her new album Liberman in the coming months. Recently Carlton signed to independent label Dine Alone Records and has now graced us with a short and sweet EP, Blue Pool, and we are excited to have a listen to the direction in which Vanessa is headed.

Vanessa Carlton - Blue Pool EPOpening track Take It Easy is different and almost unexpected from Carlton: the wall of sounds that form the atmosphere sees her experiment with emotions on a whole new level, and while the vocal work isn’t 100% solid it’s all made up for with the overall delivery of the song. Title track Blue Pool is introduced by an intriguing piano part, and what’s refreshing about this track is that it too strays from the Vanessa Carlton norm and demonstrates a more grown up style of songwriting. The EP features two tracks recorded live in a living room, the first being Operator and the piano led arrangement allows us to focus on the intensity of the vocals and the lyrics; the EP’s single Nothing Where Something Used To Be is also lyrically moving, touching on the courage you wish you or your intimate partner had to open up.

Vanessa Carlton has truly evolved and you can definitely hear it on her Blue Pool EP. Her new sound heads in a more folk direction and her songwriting abilities really shine through once again. It’s refreshing when an artist can adapt to a new style or vision in their career, especially when they’ve tasted incredible mainstream success in the past, but Vanessa has walked beyond 1000 miles and is headed in an appealing direction; we can’t wait to hear what the new album will sound like!