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EP Review: Tom Odell – ‘Spending All My Christmas With You’

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Back in 2012 upon first discovering Tom Odell, a shift in modern rock and roll would soon ensue for the West Sussex-born singer-songwriter. With two studio albums already under his belt detailing a classy spin on piano rock music, his royal and humble vocal croonings have now made their way into the festive season with a 5 track EP.

Tom Odell - Spending All My Christmas With YouSpending All My Christmas With You begins with the release’s title song – a valued blueprint into a sure holiday favourite recorded live for the BBC. A kind and potent vocal health recline into a rock & roll harnessing, linking into territories channelling sure influences David Bowie and Elton John. Monumental layerings of playing charisma then soon infiltrate the infectious groove of his own track; Silhouette. A busy yet genuine unloading of bouncing drums and rapid piano chords. Odell’s capability of transfixing superior points into easy and digestible pleasures is a recurring feature not only in this EP, but elsewhere in his young yet impressive back catalogue. Such joy can be undeniably processed by his courteous take on Real Love – originally released by The Beatles. The luminosity on the piano keys is only further improved by his peachy and prodigious incantation. Such is the perception from the widely covered Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. Tom’s live version blends a festive sensitivity with a long-established ovation and classic deference; letting the omnipotence of his playing style transfuse underneath a warm and pure vocal legitimacy.

The star atop the tree, however, is undoubtedly the astonishing and slightly pitched up version of tenderly Christmas favourite; Silent Night. Expressing a true dynamism within a soft carol of colourful affectivity, the passion is generous and tactful – the exact requirements for a complete, genuine and heartfelt holiday period.