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EP Review: The Last Shadow Puppets – The Dream Synopsis

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Mere months after the release of their last studio album Everything You’ve Come To Expect, The Last Shadow Puppets are back with another release. Collecting different cover versions they’ve performed on their 2016 tour and some re-recordings of songs from their last album, The Dream Synopsis is a neat little companion piece to the 2016 tour, and a generally enjoyable EP.

The Last Shadow Puppets The Dream SynopsisPerhaps due to its nature as a selection of songs from their live show, the EP itself has a very natural feel as well. There’s a distinctly wide, single take feel to the tracks that works for the covers, especially in the 60s rock style of their cover of Jacques Dutronc’s Les Cactus, and adds a different dimension to the otherwise identical recordings of the album tracks; Aviation benefits from this atmosphere with its gigantic wall of strings. Hearing their take on older tracks rather than live covers of their own was an interesting choice, and they do justice to all of the songs here, with Les Cactus and The Fall’s Totally Wired being the most exciting of the bunch, and everything else settling nicely.

Admittedly, there’s nothing overly exciting or original about The Dream Synopsis, but for those wanting recordings of their live covers or simply seeking more from The Last Shadow Puppets, the collection offers a lot. This is definitely a release for the fans, and one they should enjoy immensely.