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EP Review: St Paul and The Broken Bones – ‘Live and in Person’

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Live and in Person is the debut EP by Alabama band St Paul and the Broken Bones. Produced by Alabama Shakes keyboardist Ben Tanner it comprises four tracks, two studio and two live recorded. The inclusion of two live tracks does nothing short to remind listeners that you haven’t heard St Paul and The Broken Bones until you’ve seen them!

st paul live ep coverBursting onto the EP Sugar Dyed is the first in line and is a barbershop style jazzy soul number. The trumpet leads before Paul Janeway and his gospel-pitched vocals take charge. Its toe tapping, hip-swinging soul from the first instance.

The Glow comes in second as a more emotional, full-bodied soul track and is the last of the studio-recorded. Don’t Mean a Thing live recorded is up next complete with momentary crescendos from the band, the vocal reach of Janeway tried and tested.

You can’t escape the familiar sounds of the bass and guitar throughout this EP – familiarity can be drawn from INXS and Metallica style intricacies, which thread their way throughout. This is something that draws you into each track, like you’ve heard it before but just not quite in the same way.

Whatever your position on soul, shut your eyes and let Broken Bones and Pocket Change take you away. A stand out on the album with deep lyrics and such a great performance from Janeway – what a voice, you can’t say it enough. The grand musical accomplishment leaves you yearning to see these guys live as you picture the magnificent sight of that brass lute combination.

Four tracks is a short journey with St Paul and the Broken Bones but the power and depth this fresh soul group delivers is certainly not short of incredible. It is guys like these that reassure the common world soul isn’t dead it’s reinvigorated. Take a listen then get over to YouTube to watch for yourself!