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EP Review: Physical Therapy – whitelabel

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Physical Therapy is the latest in a string of musical offerings from the hipster mecca that is New York City. While this city has provided its fair share of musical visionaries, Physical Therapy is not one of them; at least, not yet anyway.

Daniel Fisher, who is known under the moniker of Physical Therapy, got his start in New York’s DJ circuit, and that clubbing influence is certainly what is predominately heard on this EP. Unfortunately the three” original” productions found on this EP don’t sound very original at all. Instead, they sound like every drone-filled beat you hear upon entering any club. Simply put, it’s repetitive and redundant.

This is not to say that there is no skill involved with the tracks found here. Fisher is obviously a skilled artisanwhen it comes to electronic music, but it’s hard not to imagine this EP finding any other home than under the class of “DJ set filler.”

The hi-hat filled title track is nothing but hard to bear in its opening minutes. However, it does find a redeeming nature once the beat kicks in (a beat that sounds oddly familiar to Space Jam theme Ya’ll Ready for This?). It is definitely a track that will make you want to dance, but whether or not you’ll want to permanently add this to your musical collection is certainly a wary question.

The other two productions on this EP serve their purpose. Rolling on a Sunday is a typical club powerhouse, while That Horn Track is easily the standout winner of the EPs three tracks. Still, it sounds like something you’d find on a futuristic racing video game from 2002.

In an already saturated genre of music, it looks as though Fisher should stick to his role as a DJ and leave the production for the creative masterminds already in play.

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