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EP Review: Panda Bear – Crosswords

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The unique mind behind Panda Bear (Noah Lennox) has returned with a new EP entitled Crosswords and it features 3 brand new tracks and 2 reworks of previous released material. As usual we’re treated to the craziness of Panda Bear’s psyche and Crosswords transcends you into a land you didn’t know existed, full of rhythmic beats and absurd lyrics.

Panda Bear - CrosswordsOne of the altered tracks, The Preakness adds a new layer to the previously impressive sound, elevating this song to a whole new level. It’s got a fast pace tempo and a funky beat that sounds like its right out of a 90s video game – it’s almost unrecognizable from the 2011 version except for the lyrics. No Mans Land, Jabberwocky and Cosplay are fresh tracks with simple layers of lyrics that pack a punch. Take No Mans Land: it’s a dark little ditty straight from the soul with a chorus that will give you chills. “Someone’s getting busy living, I was getting busy dying”. While Cosplay is a bit more organic, literally with the incredibly simple lyrics “marijuana makes my day” repeated behind a techno, almost extra-terrestrial beat.

Ultimately the Crosswords EP that Panda Bear is presenting is a 5 track collection of sinister tracks that are strangely enough soft and delicate with each layer of sound adding to this electronic experience. It’s a quirky balance of light music collaborating with ominous lyrical content crafted in such a way that almost feels natural. Panda Bear has done it again.