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EP Review: Laura Doggett – Into The Glass

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Coming off the back of her single Dynamite which was released last year, Laura Doggett’s first EP Into The Glass leaves me wanting more. The British songstress gives us four tracks that showcase her unique, glassy voice and enthralling songwriting capabilities.

LauraDoggettIntoTheGlassWe’re pulled in from the get go with the super cool bass and drumbeat of the title track that would sound well at home in the climactic scene of an action or thriller film. The song Into The Glass really shows the distinctive features of Laura Doggett’s voice and what I like about it in particular is the power she taps into when singing in the lower register. She also invokes so much feeling from rhythm and emphasising particular sections of her lyrics: “I’m running from a world of sadness/I’m running from a world of greed.”

The next track is more stripped back, with the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar on Beautiful Undone allowing the vocal depth and interesting melodic intervals to shine through. Eskimo Twist shows us a more vulnerable side of Doggett, her singing almost breaking into a whisper at times. The final track Night Girl is about as strong a finish as I could imagine. Featuring the wispy, ethereal voice of Alice Jemima, the contrast in vocals creates engaging melodic and rhythmic counterpoints. I would not have thought their voices would have worked well together if I listened to them in isolation but they have absolutely pulled it off in this instance, both the singers making the most of their different strengths.

Into The Glass has completely won me over. Everything from the distinctive and varied vocals, to the song-writing and production makes for a truly engaging listen. I was disappointed that there was no more to listen to after the fourth track, but listening to the EP over again does not diminish its impact.