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EP Review: Kita Alexander – Like You Want To

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Australian pop singer/songwriter Kita Alexander is a surfer at heart, but there’s something about writing music that the 19 year old can’t resist. The last few years saw the rising starlet move from coast to coast and travel overseas to pursue her dream; resulting in writing collaborations with the likes of Chris Braide (Sia) and Empire Of The Sun’s Nick Littlemore among others. The result of Kita’s hard work is her debut EP, Like You Want To.

Kita Alexander - Like You Want To EPThere’s something special about Kita’s sound; it seems so laid back, but at the same time it can be quite sophisticated. The Ben Romans produced/co-written single Like You Want To is simplistic yet it handles a topic that is often so complex, the end of a relationship; but Kita delivers the track in a way that’s not overly dramatic. The sound is more uplifting.

High Tops is a little more intense, the keyboards and percussion drive it with ease and the lyrics are a little more scathing. The synths serve the edgy and breathy Wild Heart well, the overall vibe of the track is quite addictive and it’s extremely catchy. The rippling sound of water and the smooth arrangement heard in Plain Sight also assists in making the EP an easy listen.

Kita Alexander’s Like You Want To EP is smooth and addictive, you won’t find any tracks on it that are too showy or over produced. Kita’s subtle vocal really suits the pop sound she has developed over the years and really made something that sounds so simplistic so unique. Like You Want To is definitely something to play during the warm Summer months.