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EP Review: Kirstin – ‘L O V E’

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photo: Sony Music Autralia

After 7 studio albums, 3 Grammy Awards, and over 6 million albums sold with a cappella group, Pentatonix, Kirstin Maldonado has released her first solo EP, L O V E.

Kirstin first debuted her solo career with Break A Little, which is first up.  A slow but light piano opens the song, soon joined by Kirstin’s ethereal voice.  The music reflects the weakness she feels when it comes to loving someone bad for her, then shifts to the euphoric rush once she is with them.

Next up is All Night, featuring lyrics with a stalker-like quality.  The repetitive lyrics loop round with the music so often it becomes the tracks catchy hook.  Be warned; this will be stuck in your head after one play.

It feels like the EP should be split in two.  Part one should be for puppy love, with Something Real, Naked, as well as the two songs already mentioned.  The second should be for self love, taking only See It and Bad Weather. The latter tracks are more intriguing works, the stories sung from a stronger perspective, rather than the flippant infatuation included in the rest of the EP.

Bad Weather in particular stands out and is a strong finish.  The intro music has a horror/thriller touch to it that will inevitably send a quick shiver down your spine.  The tone of Kirstin’s voice is lower to match the music, conveying her exhaustion and bitter humour towards the two-faced people in her life.

Kirstin has a truly beautiful voice, which will hopefully be used to tell more compelling stories of strength, rather than the stereotypical, toxic love ones.