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EP Review: JP Cooper – When The Darkness Comes

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After numerous sold out shows throughout the UK last year and a handful of shows in the US, Manchester born and bred artist JP Cooper is back and sure to raise some more eyebrows with his latest EP titled When The Darkness Comes. Originally starting off in rock bands the UK musician quickly shifted towards a more soulful sound and has gradually matured musically throughout the years. Armed with an acoustic guitar and a dope set of dreadlocks JP Cooper delivers yet another impressive EP that will surely see him sell out more shows in 2015.

When The Darkness Comes - JP CooperWhen The Darkness Comes is a compelling project that highlights JP’s transformation as an artist, from lyrical brilliance to musical brilliance this EP showcases his true incredible talent. We are introduced to the EP with its opening track Closer, a heart warming melody filled with pure passion which sets the tone for the rest of the project. Up next is one of the highlights of the EP, released last month Satellite is a soft melodic tune that features a pleasant mixture of acoustics and piano however; it’s JP’s golden voice that steals the show on this one. His tone and pitch is mesmerising, not to mention the beautiful lyrics its no wonder he is selling out shows left, right and centre.

When The Darkness Comes is the title track of the EP and its definitely my favourite tune of them all. From the opening soothing piano keys to JP’s harmonious voice everything about this track is just perfect. The opening lines show his incredible and evocative lyricism ‘Maybe I could see you in the evening, you could be the only book I’m reading’, its the type of track that has you listening to each and every word.

Using just his acoustic guitar and his pitch perfect voice JP keeps the chilled vibes coming with Grey Skies, an acoustic piece of brilliance that shows just how seriously good this mans voice is. To finish things up JP ends the EP with an acoustic version of Closer, if you thought the original was good just wait until you hear this.

When The Darkness Comes is a soothing piece of brilliance that is sure to make it onto a lot of peoples iPods this year, grab a copy clear your schedule and indulge in the greatness provided by the soulful master that is JP Cooper.

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