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EP Review: Jordan Bratton – YOUTH

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There’s something about singer/songwriter Jordan Bratton: is it his talent of being a multi instrumentalist or his unique sound and take on putting pen to paper? Perhaps both, and the 20 year old from Long Island recently wowed thousands when he supported Jazmine Sullivan on her Reality Show Tour of the US, thus widening his existing fan base and being well on his way to becoming a star. His mix tape The Grey Area received wide critical acclaim back in 2013, but now Jordan is back with his first project on a major label, his YOUTH EP which is sure to be a hit.

Jordan-Bratton-YOUTHLead single Prisoner reached number two on the Hype Machine charts, and rightfully so with its uncomplicated yet soulful delivery, Chance The Rapper’s contribution to the track was just as much a delight as the track overall. The more beat infused Bound lifts the EP up a little more with its depth and catchy melodies, whereas the vocal instrumentation that drives the verses of Victoria is really intriguing and it gives way for a slight explosive chorus. Cold Killer is another decent track but doesn’t have exactly what its predecessors have, which is your attention from beginning to end; this is followed by a short yet seemingly unnecessary interlude. Jordan joins forces with rapper Fabolous for the final track Danger, unfortunately it also falls short and becomes a tad bland after a little while.

There is no denying that Jordan Bratton has potential for a stellar music career, not only does he have the voice but he’s also getting his head around the sound that could catapult his work into superstar status. Although it is a short release, YOUTH is a decent start for the young star to be thrown into the masses; the only downfall is that the last couple of tracks didn’t live up to the first few, the overall listening experience went from being great to just being ok. That being said, we can’t wait for what else Jordan Bratton has in store for the future, at 20 years old he has room to grow and his talent will boom over time.