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EP Review: Jenn Grant – Clairvoyant

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Canadian singer/songwriter Jenn Grant is an artist in more than one right; other than keeping the art in her music alive, she also paints in her own time and has designed some of her own album covers to visually represent what goes on in her unique sound. Grant has four studio albums to her name and we get to review her third EP Clairvoyant which is due for release on May 9th.

Jenn Grant - ClairvoyantThe EP opens with Spades, already it is easy to tell that the primary focus on the release will be Jenn’s beautiful voice, the simple beat allows her voice to carry the song; we hear a dynamic that needs to be heard in much more of today’s modern music, and Buck 65’s contribution complimented the track so well. I’ve Got Your Fire is a new rendition of the track from her album A Beautiful Wild, it is driven by the piano that makes the simplicity of the track complexly warm and her cover of Leonard Cohen’s Lover Lover Lover adds a dark element to the EP. Norwegian Jewell is another lighthearted track, also the shortest on the EP, and is a previously released track from her side project AquaAlta. No One’s Gonna Love You (Quite Like I Do) finishes the EP on a beautiful note, the melody and the harmonies compliment each other wonderfully and it was great how the track was upbeat as it wrapped up.

Jenn Grant’s Clairvoyant EP was beautiful to say the least; each song complimented each other, there was not one point where it felt like any of the songs did not belong together on the release. Although three of the five tracks weren’t new, she still took those tracks and made a new rendition of each to achieve the sound she was going for; a beautiful, light hearted and smooth listening experience for the ears. Clairvoyant was definitely worth the listen.