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EP Review: Jamie T – Magnolia Melancholia

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English singer-songwriter Jamie T has been pitter-pattering around the music scene for around 10 years now and his latest EP showcases his unique sound and continuing musical exploration. The EP is a mix of tracks that find unity in sound but effectively demonstrate a variety in ideas and a great ability in storytelling.

Jamie T Magnolia MelancholiaThe first track Don’t You Find is the best track on the EP as Jamie T is able to create an eclectic mix of sounds. The track plays with an acoustic guitar, electronic back beat and even string synths. This is illuminated by the reverberated electronic sounds that ultimately add atmosphere and climactic points in the song. The lyrics are universal and are effective because they’re emotional and evocative. At the climax of the song, Jamie T’s vocals shine as the track becomes an exploration of a full sound.

The others songs on this EP do have their great elements. Marilyn Monroe interacts with more of a rock feel and Mama Don’t Smoke is very acoustic and folky. Magnolia Melancholia is very reminiscent of the Artic Monkeys with the falsetto octave vocals interplaying with the lower vocals. Nevertheless, if you’re a fan of the Artic Monkeys you’ll really like this song because it is a good tune. In this track we gain a lot of insight into Jamie T’s honest storytelling lyrics but the track doesn’t really go anywhere. Riverbed again explores a more folky sound but the minor drops provide interest. Once the simplicity of sound is filled in with drums and electric guitar, the song really finds its mojo. The song is illuminated with the addition of instruments and the beginning of the track is disappointing in comparison to the rest of the song. Bastards of the Young is soft and relaxed but Jamie T’s vocals can’t pull off the ballad style track.

Overall, Magonlia Melancholia is a good mix of tracks but none of the songs are equal to the breakout track Don’t You Find. Jamie T has a good sound and while his songs feel simplistic, there are elements in the lyrics that add a layer of complexity to his music. There is an obvious attention to musical composition and instrument interplay. Jamie T shines the most in the deep and dark sound of Don’t You Find and that is the sort of sound he should definitely explore further.