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EP Review: Holy Holy – ‘The Pacific’

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When an award-winning songwriter and much loved guitarist/composer lay their talents on the table to create something special, you know you’re in for a treat. Brisbane born Timothy Carroll and Melbourne boy Oscar Dawson (we know him from Ali Barter and Dukes of Windsor) are new alternative duo Holy Holy; after establishing a bond with each other in (South-East Asia of all places) and meeting up whilst the pair were living in Europe, the boys brought their new project home with them and recorded The Pacific. The EP also features Hungary Kids of Hungary’s Ryan Strathie on drums and Graham Ritchie on bass, and notably produced by Matt Redlich which would hopefully assist in making this project a treat.

THoly Holy The Pacific EPhe Pacific consists of four tracks of alternative rock the way we like it; each song tells a story that draws you in and the instrumentation captures each moment. House of Cards is distinct with its pumped vocals, along with a melody that makes you want to hum along and a beat that urges some energetic clapping to escape from your eager hands; definitely a highlight from the EP. Critically acclaimed debut single Impossible Like You kind of makes you warm and fuzzy, it is hard not to connect with the overall atmosphere of the track, which definitely made it an ideal leading single. The third track didn’t live up to its name, there was no way that Slow Melody was a title that could best describe this track; the melody was at an average pace with a killer sound to back it up. The boys finish up their debut with Cincinnati, again not a song to be ignored.

The Pacific is without a doubt a strong debut release, which is something you would want to expect from a project that had been on the cards for many years before coming to life. What was admirable and notable about the recording of this EP is that it was recorded live to tape, not many acts can pull this off so flawlessly; you would have to be 100% confident and passionate in your music to be able to lay it down in such a way. The production is ace and doesn’t dampen the quality or rawness of the tracks, The Pacific covers all alternative/rock bases and we can expect great things from Holy Holy in the future.