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EP Review: G.R.L – G.R.L

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They’re young, they’re hip and they’re full of attitude. Brought to you by the creator of the Pussycat Dolls, Robin Antin presents G.R.L, yet another girl band who are eager to take the pop world by storm. If you think that they’re just the second-rate version of the PCD, well don’t be fooled – this time, all of them get to sing! 2014 seems to be the year of their breakout success, with their single Ugly Heart peaking at no. 4 in Australia as well as the hype generated from Pitbull’s Wild Wild Love, in which they provide guest vocals for. Now the girls have released their very own self-titled EP, featuring five poppy singles which will, voluntary or not, get you up off your feet.

G.R.L - Self titled EPThe EP opens with Ugly Heart, an upbeat dance number that sure knows how to tell it like it is. Thanks to the guitar it has a bit of a folk feel to it, but it’s also mixed with those dancey pop beats which we’re all too familiar with these days. The melody is disappointing though, because if you really listen to it, 3/4 of the song is comprised of literally one repeated note. Nonetheless, it’s all about the attitude, and it serves well as a break-up anthem with unapologetically harsh lyrics like “you’re so pretty with an ugly heart.” Ouch.

Next up, we have Show Me What You Got which follows the pop formulaic of Ugly Heart. The girls actually sing quite well, if you don’t mind the occasional ad lib that comes off a bit squealy. If you ever get the urge to dance wildly in your bedroom, put this song on and mime it to your hairbrush. It’s catchy, it danceable, and features an unforgettable nasal hook that will stay with you long after the EP has finished. Don’t Talk About Love is another song that you can have fun to – shake your mane to that pounding percussion and the chant-like chorus. It’s got a bit of a rock influence, mixed with EDM – just don’t get your hopes up when the bass drops. It’s basically a meagre beat that’s accompanied with the girls whispering “shhhh…” Yes, we’ll all shut up and dance.

Then there’s the little gem of a song that’s Rewind. It’s a chiller pop track, with a romantic beat that takes you back to those lazy summer days. The girls reminisce about the honeymoon period of a relationship, belting over a nostalgic backing track that thankfully, doesn’t ruin the fun mood of the overall EP. They harmonise perfectly as though they’ve been together for years and years; or who knows, maybe it’s just the auto-tune. Nevertheless you hear it again in Girls Are Always Right, which is the ultimate girl power anthem. G.R.L are a united front, bound together through empowering lyrics and kick-ass attitudes. There’s a playful piano progression which gives the track that fun-factor, and they sell the song with their boundless energy. And if you have a problem with their message then guess what? They probably don’t care.

G.R.L’s EP sure gives their fans a taste of what’s to come – an EP full of pop hits that are relentless with vigour and spirit. Yes, their music may seem overly chant-like at times, but it does it’s job, doesn’t it? The point is to get everybody moving and to have a good time. If you’re into girl power, sexy ladies and good old fashioned pop, then this is the EP for you. It’ll make you wish you were a teenager again.