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EP Review: Esco Williams – Reflections

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Liverpudlian musician Esco Williams may have made a name writing songs for R&B group MiC LOWRY, but is now putting his own music out there for the masses with his Reflections EP.

Esco Williams - ReflectionsThis four-track effort is a bare, soulful effort with some exquistite songwriting and performances.

Oh Jordan is an emotionally raw spiritual experience that’s a delight to listen to with headphones. Anchored by a desolate piano, this gospel-inspired masterstroke mixes religious references (‘the walls of Jericho’, ‘shake your demons all away’) with luscious melodies and harmonies. Vocal parts that are octaves apart give way to even more heavenly three-part harmonies that may bring listeners to tears.

Mid-tempo single Warriors is clearly influenced by the reconciliatory tone of What’s Going On-era Marvin Gaye, as it asks about what went wrong amongst friends who share a brotherly love. Despite the slightly run off the mill arrangement in the chorus, the harmonies remain gorgeous and soothing.

The synthy, airy Lost has pulsating percussion, warm acoustic guitars and a sensual, honest vocal performance from Williams, backed by his incredible one-man choir.

Breaking Bones closes the EP almost the same way it began, as a forlorn piano ballad that effectively conjures feelings of pretence, fear and loneliness. Just as it provokes more questions for listeners, it ends rather too suddenly, leaving them begging for more.

Williams takes the audience on an emotional journey through subtle, classy quality soul. A full album release will certainly be highly anticipated if Williams continues on his promising path.