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EP Review: De Staat – Vinticious Versions

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It started out as Torre Florim’s one man project back in 2006 however; it wasn’t long before one turned into five and now three albums later De Staat have cemented themselves as one of the best alternative rock groups to come out of the Netherlands. Their latest project Vinticious Versions is definitely the quintet’s most unique and versatile offering to date, the eight track EP is made up of re-worked versions of songs from the groups last three albums and let me just say it’s a different sound that you wouldn’t normally expect from the Dutch rockers, but it certainly pays off.

Vinticious Versions - De StaatLead singer Torre Florim describes the EP as ‘dark and delicious’ and he’s absolutely spot on. The first track Get it Together is as delicious as it gets, the 70’s vibe creates a vintage atmosphere, so much so that you wouldn’t believe the track was made in 2014. Build That, Buy That provides a more up-tempo version of the original, some very interesting instruments and sounds are used that I can’t quite put my finger on which makes for an intriguing listen.

My personal favourite track on the EP is without a doubt Input Source Select, the old school style forges a tribute to the boom bap sound of the late 80’s/early 90’s era of hip hop. Florim defines the track as ‘a homage to Wu-Tang Clan, De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest’ and judging by the tracks in your face approach its obvious that it also pays homage to the Beastie Boys. Possibly the biggest re-work comes with Down Town, what was originally a lively and upbeat track has been transformed into a darker, slowed down adaption (I think fans will prefer to listen to the original version for this one).

Sweatshop is already a killer track however; there is something about this version that I just love, the gloomy vocals and crisp guitar chords construct for me one of the highlights of the EP. To take things out is the revamped version of Wait For Evolution, the stripped down track has a more seductive feel, one I’m sure that fans will appreciate.

Whilst majority of the original versions stand out more than these new renditions there are still some cool gems on here worth listening to. Vinticious Versions is a captivating EP that fits nicely into the groups unique catalogue and a must have for any De Staat fan and if you haven’t heard of these guys before than I highly recommend you give them a go, you won’t be disappointed.