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EP Review: Daye Jack – Soul Glitch

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With a mixtape and an EP already under his belt, Daye Jack has shown us that he’s got something special. Both the hip-hop sound of Hello World and the island influenced By The Ocean were solid, and his talents as an artist were plain to see. The issue was that they had a few problems that made them slightly less enjoyable as a whole; whether it was production problems or performance issues, something didn’t feel quite right. Soul Glitch, however, is another story entirely. 

Daye Jack Soul GlitchSoul Glitch as an EP features another spin on the hip-hop sound, this time with more of a spacey electronic spin, ranging from video game-style sounds on Choices to the stronger airy, atmospheric vibes on Die Today. It’s a fitting choice for a sound considering the EP title. The sound of the EP is extremely cohesive, with each song having its own special feature to differentiate it from the rest, such as the constant spoken line “is it easy?” in Easy or the more aggressive rapping style used in Trapped In Love.

The strongest offering on Soul Glitch is also the most unique sound-wise. After five mostly mellow tracks, Bonds jumps on the opportunity to stand out, using a variety of vocal and instrument samples in the beat, filling it out in a way the other songs never really reached, before losing the samples and moving into a mellow 8-bit production for the second half. While it’s still not a major departure sound-wise, the intelligent use of samples benefits the song in a big way. But Bonds is hardly the only song that deserves a mention; the infectious groove of Easy, the beautiful piano on Die Today and the glitchy production of Choices are other strong moments, and there’s no song that really falls flat here.

By far, though, the most endearing thing about the EP is how much Daye himself is improving. His raps are still strong, and he sounds more in tune with the music here than he ever has before. For someone who’s still in a relatively early stage of his career, Soul Glitch is a huge step in the right direction.