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EP Review: David Guetta – Blast Off

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David Guetta was one of the first DJ’s to emerge in the mainstream music industry with an electronic dance music (EDM) sound, and this newly created genre has seen him earn numerous number one hits since achieving mainstream success in 2009. He is almost more well known for his live shows; this year he has already played at Miami, New York, Chicago, New Orleans and sold out residency in Las Vegas, with many more headline shows at festivals planned for later in the year. Guetta is known for creating dance floor anthems that become club sensations, and this latest EP is no different. His long list of collaborations grows longer, this time choosing to partner with artists Kaz James, Vassy and Skylar Grey. These collaborated party tunes are what Guetta’s fame is based upon; so can Blast Off deliver something to delight fans?

David Guetta Blast OffThe first song on the EP is title track Blast Off. It starts off with an electric guitar intro, with a riff that continues throughout the song. It’s nice to see Guetta taking a break from using solely synth beats, and the electric guitar gives the song some grit and a grunge vibe. The lyrics are four lines constantly repeated, most notably “so put those hands up higher”; however we’ve come to learn not to expect great lyrics in EDM tracks. The beat breakdown in the middle makes a nice attempt at variety and originality, and has a bit of a dubstep feel going on. Yet it does still sound a little similar to things we’ve already heard, and the ending leaves much to be desired.

Bad and Shot Me Down are both hit singles, and they were popular for their catchy hooks and pounding dance rhythm. Skylar Grey’s vocals are haunting in a remake of the 60s classic Bang Bang by Cher. Whilst these almost eerie verses allow for changes in the mood and tempo of the song, they allow for some dulling moments in a track that was obviously made to make people to dance. Bad and Shot Me Down both fall into the trap of being generic tracks, which could be credited to a number of different DJ’s. Not to mention that Vassy’s vocals in Bad are a bit creepy with it’s childish/baby autotuned tone.

David Guetta’s Blast Off EP is by no means terrible. If you’re looking for party tracks, then look no further as these have as catchy a hook as any song. However if you’re looking for something with a bit more substance, the these tracks will almost certainly bore you in your day to day listening with their generic melodies. The title track Blast Off strives for a different sound, but unfortunately Bad and Shot Me Down just don’t follow suit.