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EP Review: Darlia – ‘Knock Knock’

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Grunge has definitely seen its glory days. Making our way into the second quarter of the second millennium, its raw, chaotic sounds have yet to be represented in today’s music. Until now. Darlia, a little band from Blackpool are here to take grunge back with the ruckus vibes of their 3-track debut EP Knock Knock.

DarliaKnockKnockKnock Knock starts off with Queen Of Hearts. Already getting some airplay from BBC Radio One and Soccer AM, this great mix of a modern Nirvana-esque song is easily my favourite track from the EP. The slurring words of Nathan Day’s lead vocals may seem too much for some, but the way it works with the intricacy of the guitar riff brings the piece to whole new different light. The almost indie sounding electric guitar ditty works magically with the rough garble of lyrics sung on top. It’s all go from here once the chorus starts, and I am not ashamed to admit that I tried head banging to this song in my tiny room on a Saturday night. With a music video that screams the 90’s, this single is sure to make it big.

The rocking guitar riffs and thrashing drum beats are continued in the second track Napalm. The same elements from Queen Of Hearts are still there, the incoherent vocals, strummed guitar chords and booming chorus, but what I really admire in this song is the drum work. I always end up getting lost in all the drum rolls and catch myself bopping along to it.

And just like that we’re already up to the final song of the EP. Choke On Bones brings out a more sullen atmosphere with harmonies that seem to be lurking in the depths of the song and an ominous bass line that looms over you.

If there was anything I could find at fault in Darlia’s debut release, it’s that there’s only 3 tracks. Each track is just as fantastic as the other, it’s just that you can’t help but wanting more. The heavy-rock maniacs are about to go on tour supporting The Family Rein, and they’re act is not one to miss. I’m ready to hear bigger and better things from Blackpool’s new trio of rockers.

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