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EP Review: Charlie Puth – Some Type Of Love

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What a neat little taste of what Charlie Puth is about. The young singer/songwriter from New Jersey first gathered a following on YouTube before gaining wider recognition through his appearance on Wiz Khalifa’s single See You Again. His new EP Some Type Of Love consists of four tracks that are diverse in character and each really quite engaging in their own way.

CharliePuthSomeTypeOfLoveThe EP opens with I Won’t Tell A Soul, which gives off a kind of slow-dance vibe. Featuring a lazy snare drum beat and some smooth backing vocals with a very 50s vibe, Puth’s sweet delivery ought to have you swaying  in your seat and holding your hands up to your chest in an attempt to contain your melting heart. Am I right, ladies?

If the title of the next track, Marvin Gaye featuring Meghan Trainor, isn’t a dead giveaway that the song’s about when you get ‘that’ feeling, the lyrics will get you there: “Don’t keep your secrets to yourself/It’s Karma Sutra show and tell.” The two voices go well together, invoking an image of ballroom dance duet with a contemporary twist.

We get deeper into soul territory on the title track with rich backing vocals and a heartfelt chorus. Finally, the groove gains some attitude in Suffer with some off beat clicking and a rhythmic feeling that will have you moving to the music. If you weren’t already impressed by Puth’s vocals, you’re bound to be here, as he leaps into territory that you wouldn’t think possible.

This is a formidable debut EP release, and one that is sure to generate a lot more hype around Charlie Puth. Not only does it showcase his enviable vocal ability, it’s also a reflection of his songwriting style that sounds nostalgic and novel at the same time, and encourages the listener to move to the music.