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EP Review: Buckcherry – Fuck

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Disclaimer: Buckcherry aren’t exactly my cup of tea, and Fuck is no exception. The point is that this six-track EP doesn’t have any ambition. It’s pretty evident that the Los Angeles-based hard rock band just wanted to have fun while composing and recording. The second track, Say Fuck It, leaves no doubt – it’s an irreverent cover of Icona Pop’s triumphant single, I Love It (I Don’t Care).  Back in 2012 this song was everywhere, and that’s why they chose it. What’s more, the lyrics show a careless attitude that is well portrayed by the other songs in Buckcherry’s EP, all of which include the word “fuck” in the title. The catchy melody of Icona Pop’s tune is mixed with a guitar riff unmistakably inspired by AC/DC classic, Thunderstruck. Which, I must admit, is incredibly fun.

Buckcherry - Fuck On the contrary, the first track, Somebody Fucked With Me, is terribly boring. In the lyrics, singer Josh Todd basically fucks everything – the system, the lawyers, the sequel, religion, the country, the politicians, even his parents. Someone please inform him that “not caring about anything” is no big deal anymore. I Don’t Give A Fuck sounds like late ‘90s Offspring with an edgier approach, while Fist Fuck has an appropriate title which describes literally the energetic anger the song conveys.

Their courage is indisputable. Although strangers to the hard rock scene like Enrique Iglesias and Lily Allen have already put out songs titles with the f-word in them, the amount of times the word appears in Buckcherry’s lyrics clearly makes them unsuitable for radio airplay. Frontman Josh Todd has mentioned the 1983 cult film Scarface and its excessive use of the f-word as an influence to Fuck EP. However, even though the record is the band’s first release since their sixth album, 2013’s Confessions, it won’t become half the classic its source of inspiration is. In fact, it is not even to take seriously. The only reason for which it will be remembered, apart from the sincerely entertaining Say Fuck It, is that it’s the inaugural release on Buckcherry’s own label, F-Bomb Records.