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EP Review: Becky G – Play it Again

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The songs presented on Becky G’s debut EP are undoubtedly catchy, that much cannot be denied. These songs will worm their way into your brain, and they’ll stay there. However, I couldn’t shake the feeling that these songs were being forced into my head based upon some form of subliminal messaging.

BeckyGPlayItAgainI wish it weren’t this way. Becky, the latest in teen-pop sensations, seems like a nice enough young woman. However the tracks presented on Play it Again lack any substance whatsoever and are akin to the sound of pounding ones head against the wall, repeatedly for about 25 minutes straight.

It’s not even as if Becky G is ambassador to the latest emo craze. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Becky G’s EP plays as the latest in corporate produced bubblegum pop. Let it be known however that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Pop music serves its purpose within the music zeitgeist and good pop music is undeniably good. Unfortunately, bad pop music is undeniably bad and that is all that is found within Play it Again. It’s so bad it’s almost insulting.

Each of the five songs are virtually interchangeable as each song makes use of one drawn out drum beat that is beat to death a top layers of supposedly “trendy” hooks and samples. That is perhaps the funniest thing about this EP. Although it only clocks in at about 25 minutes in total, listening to the disc in its entirety feels never ending because the songs lack any individuality or diversity. It’s just one long, drawn out headache packaged and produced for American radio. Which is exactly why this review doesn’t matter. Becky G is going to have her moment in the spotlight regardless of the musicality and artistry found on this release. The fact that the second song on the EP features Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull, is proof enough that Becky is poised to find her stay within the pop machine.

Only time will tell if she can join the Ke$ha’s and Miley Cyrus’ of the music industry, and truly come into her own as an artist. Becky G does show legitimate prowess as a vocalist, and one can only hope that she can grow to expand upon this talent without the stench of corporate Hollywood breathing down her neck. Of course, hiccups are expected in any musician’s career. However, with Play it Again it seems best to go back to the drawing board altogether. Sorry to all of the BEASTER’s out there, the only thing that is certain here is that this EP is, under no circumstances, worth being played more than once.

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