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EP Review: Aleks Grey – Souls

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Critically acclaimed Norwegian singer/songwriter Aleks Grey first found his voice when his friends made him audition for musicals: it soon led to him playing leading roles in productions such as Rent and Les Miserables, and thus his music career was born. He formed his band The Last Province with his friends before embarking on his solo career in 2013. Now the singer is ready to take the world by storm with his debut EP Souls.

Aleks Grey - SoulsThe exciting and catchy Feel Alive enthusiastically opens the EP with its steady beat, charismatic keys and powerful vocals: from the first moment you are captivated with this release. Save Me has the right temperament to pass of as a Coldplay ballad with Grey’s breathy yet emotive melody and the ear-filling instrumentation.

Unstoppable‘s seemingly endless energy  gives the EP a big lift with its awesome synths and electricity. There’s barely a dull moment on Souls as Aleks Grey has a clear understanding on how to draw his audience in: he does this by crafting addictive tracks with his charm and talent expressed through the music and lyrics.

Aleks Grey’s Souls is an EP to remember. The melodies of each track are appealing, the instrumentation is luscious and the overall delivery of the release is graceful. If this is what to expect from an Aleks Grey EP then we can’t wait to hear a full-length release sometime in the future.