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Album Review: Doris Day – The Ultimate Collection

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Doris Day burst onto the entertainment radar way back in 1939 when she began her career as a big band singer.

Things didn’t take off for Day until her 1945 hit Sentimental Journey catapulted her into the celebrity stratosphere. Known equally for her acting abilities as she was for her music, Doris Day went on to become an icon in the entertainment arena and in 2011, at the ripe old age of 87, Day scored a Top 10 album with her first full length recording in 17 years, My Heart. This release of My Heart also made Doris Day the oldest artist in history to bag a Top 10 album.

DorisDayWith no intention to slow the engines down, Doris Day has put together a brand new greatest hits package that spans the stars love affair with music. The appropriately titled The Ultimate Collection will be released on March 5th and we here at Renowned For Sound got to get a taste of the collection prior to release.

Though no-one on the Renowned For Sound team were around in Day’s peak career moments, we, like the rest of the world, are very familiar with the phenomenon that is Doris Day. Many times growing up would I hear my mother singing along to the crooning of Day’s 1956 Oscar-winning number, Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera) and so I was always aware of the brightness of Day’s star that shone for decades in all areas of the entertainment world. I was, however, only really clued up on the big numbers that Day released. I was more concerned about the modern day pop acts than what my mother was listening to. After all, it wasn’t the ‘in’ thing to be listening to what your parents listened to.

The Ultimate Collection is one that, regardless of whether you have ever followed Day’s career in the past, you are quickly brought up to speed with. All of Day’s hits are jammed into this impressive 25 track collection that catalogues this veteran of the arts’ career from her first hit single Sentimental Journey to probably the most well known Doris Day number, Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera). Each of the numbers handpicked to represent the career of one music’s leading ladies is coated in nostalgic beauty and Hollywood grandeur.

Day’s last big hit single, 1964’s Move Over Darling, opens the collection and from this point through to the closing of last years, My Heart, we are taken on a journey through musical royalty with hits like Everybody Loves A Lover, Secret Love and Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (Quizaz, Quizas, Quizas) all finding residence amongst the bursting array of classics making up The Ultimate Collection.

Whether a fan of Doris Day or just someone curious about a living legend who is going strong still to this day, The Ultimate Collection is an uninhibited dive into Hollywood nostalgia at its most iconic.

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