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Album Review: We Are Scientists – Megaplex

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Photo: Dew Process

18 years of career and numerous band formation changes later, We Are Scientists have just released their seventh studio album, Megaplex. The American duo’s latest record is a mix of indie rock and synth pop sounds, which serve as a background to the rhyming, catchy (and at traits dull) lyrics of the album.

Although musically One In, One Out is a good way to start the album, if you don’t pay to much attention to the not too smart lyrics objectifying women “I can keep picking one off every shelf”; I would personally consider Notes In A Bottle as the true opener. Both the percussion and the catchy lyrics create together an irresistible song. Following, there’s Your Light Has Changed. Though this is the shortest song of the album, lasting just over two minutes, it’s the most energetic track within Megaplex.

KIT, the slowest song in the album, serves as a divider between the first energetic and uplifting part of Megaplex and the second calmer section of the record. This track swipes the good vibes away and it introduces you to moodier vibes.

In the second part of Megaplex there is a bunch of slower and calmer songs, as Now or Never and You Failed, the latter characterised by a stronger presence of electronic synth than the rest of the album. But, just after You Failed the energy comes back again (well, not as strong as before) with Properties of Perception. This track is a good closer thanks to its happy and cheerful vibes.

Overall, Megapelx lacks of variety. Although this helps to deliver a more consistent album, sometimes it feels too plain. The presence of slower songs as KIT and You Failed is not enough to create a more diverse and engaging record. Musically, the well known We Are Scientists drums, bass and guitar riffs pleasantly mix with the electro synth pop sound. Finally, Keith Murray’s ordinary vocals are good and solid throughout Megaplex.