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Album Review: Ty Dolla $ign – Free TC

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Although he’s been making waves in the industry for quite dome time now, lending his writing abilities to a number of popular tracks, Free TC marks the debut album release for Ty Dolla $ign. The record is home to many hip-hop heavyweights with 14 of the 16 tracks starring some familiar names and some stellar verses.

Ty Dolla Sign Free TCThroughout the album plenty of tracks come off quite one note, with no factor that really hooks you. Solid, Horses In The Stable, Credit and 8-minute drone Miracle/Wherever all promote a smoother, laidback vibe but there’s nothing really outstanding about each of them. When Free TC ups the tempo and brings the beat is where it begins to come into its stride. Sparking a simmering fire with Guard Down, collaboration between none other than Kanye West and Diddy is when you really start paying attention. Sitting Pretty (Wiz Khalifa) plus When I See Ya (Fetty Wap) are definitely key tracks that add fuel to the fire of Free TC, and deserve a second listen.

If you’re more into tracks that’ll have you bopping right along to their R&B rhythm and hip-hop beat, Saved fits the bill. Rounded out with a playful rap verse from E-40 it’s definitely a jam. Kicking up the mood are the club grooves that find their home towards the end of Free TC, with a bass driven beat Blasé brings up and coming rap stars Future and Rae Sremmurd to the spot light as they add their own flavour to this one. Continuing on with a deep hip-hop vibe is a catchy one with the main focus being the lyrics, “it’s only right”. Then showing he can shine alone, Bring It Out Of Me is one of two tracks that doesn’t feature anyone but Ty Dolla $ign. Combining a bouncing electro beat and Dolla $ign constantly exclaiming, “I’m just a freak and I cant help it” it’s a track that’s all too easy to get on board with.

As a debut solo release Free TC feels more like a mixtape, with so many collaborations its hard to see the vision Ty Dolla $ign had for this one. Some tracks feature the strange addition of voicemail recordings or a news bulletin that take away from the song, you find yourself reading too far into the extra noise rather than the track itself. While there are songs that shine and are certifiable bangers, as a whole it doesn’t make too much of an impact.