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Album Review: Twin Peaks – Wild Onion

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Chicago rockers Twin Peaks formed back in 2009 whilst all members were still in high school, their first album Sunken which was recorded in frontman James Cadien’s basement with a busted eight-track recorder and two cheap microphones was released back in 2013 and now before most of them have even turned 21 they have released their second album Wild Onion through Grand Jury label. Their style has been described as a mix of 60’s garage rock & noughties punk rock however; their latest album Wild Onion also throws a touch of baroque pop and soft ballads into the equation. Running twice the length of their first album Wild Onion offers a larger variety this time round yet it doesn’t necessarily make it better.

Wild Onion - Twin PeaksWhilst these Chicago boys might be known more for their garage rock sound its the slower and softer ballads that really stand out on Wild Onion, for example track three Mirror Of Time. The soothing melody packs a psychedelic punch that is reminiscent of an early Beatles/Beach Boys sound, definitely one of the highlights of the album. Also representing the more winsome vibes are tracks like Sweet Thing, Hold On & Mind Frame, with gentle guitar riffs and appealing vocals these tracks make up the better half of the album.

The tempo picks up for a number of tracks throughout the album and whilst I think the raised tempo doesn’t pay off for some tracks (Flavor, Good Lovin) it definitely works for others such as Making Breakfast and Telephone, their catchy guitar riffs and smooth solos really come together nicely here. If I had to choose one stand out track from this solid album I’d have to say Ordinary People, the tracks incredibly chilled vibes put you in a somewhat state of tranquillity, you are taken away for three and a half minutes although it feels a lot longer than that.

Overall Wild Onion is a strong follow up to the groups successful debut Sunken, with most members only just 21 years old its quite incredible to see and hear what they have achieved. Whilst I think Twin Peaks still have a long way to go to finding their peak this album is definitely a step in the right direction.