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Album Review: Tim Myers – The Year

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Most people probably know him from the band OneRepublic however; Californian singer/songwriter Tim Myers is finally getting the recognition he deserves as he has become one of the most in-demand solo artists over the last few years. The musical all rounder spent four years co-writing, singing and playing bass with OneRepublic before deciding to pursue a solo career back in 2007, since then the talented songwriter has achieved worldwide success with his debut album Technicolor which peaked at number #68 on the Hot AC Charts with a number of songs featuring in movies such as Friends With Benefits and 21 Jump Street. Other than his debut album Myers has helped co-write a bunch of #1 songs over the last few years including Stardust for German artist Lena Meyer-Landrut and We Are Young for Australian singer/songwriter Vassy which he also co-produced. Move on to 2015 and Myers is ready to release his highly anticipated sophomore album The Year, a concept album that takes us on a rollercoaster of emotion through every month of the year (each track is named after every month of the year).

The Year - Tim MyersThe Year is a special project, its like nothing we have heard from Myers before and if you put your headphones on expecting to hear that OneRepublic sound well you’re going to be disappointed. The passion starts to pour out as soon as the opening track January: Get Out Of Here begins, sharp and aggressive sounds coming from the violin and piano combine with Myers repetition of ‘I gotta get out of here/I gotta get out’ to create an intense atmosphere.

Its easy to see why March: Hills To Climb is the lead single from the album I mean its got single written all over it. The songs catchy tune and strong chorus are the perfect recipe for a lead single whilst Myers placid voice put the icing on the cake. Myers decision to create a mini orchestra for this album pays off tremendously, the use of violin, cello, viola, piano and acoustic guitar combine together to give the album an epic feeling. On tracks like July: Life’s Adventure and April: It’s My Life everything just gels together perfectly to create an epic and overwhelming environment that literally sends shivers down your spine.

Myers packs in some more up-tempo and uplifting tracks like June: Good Days Start Here and August: Me & My Friends however; its his more timid tracks that work better. May: That’s What I Found is a prime example of this and one of the highlights of the album, Myers delicate vocals mixed with the breathtaking sounds of the violin is an absolute joy to listen to.

You might not know who Tim Myers is at this point in time but I can guarantee you this album is going to change that, The Year is a magnificent project that should be heard by all, sit back and enjoy the harmonious sounds of Tim Myers…you won’t be disappointed.