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Album Review: Twenty One Pilots – Blurryface

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US musical duo Twenty One Pilots house a wide array of instruments with the lead singer Tyler Joseph racking up vocals, piano, synthesiser, ukulele and even keytar. On this album Joseph is joined by drummer Josh Dun. It is no surprise that with such an array of instruments, their latest album Blurryface is an amalgamation of indie pop, alternative hip-hop and electro pop. The result is a hot mess of music that reaches great heights.

Twenty One Pilots BlurryfaceThe introductory track Heavydirtysoul defines the album which seeks to venture beyond definition. The track is incredibly disjointed that is what makes the track one of the best on the album. It begins with a fast, pulsating rhythm and jumps into catchy song breaks that come together to create something wonderful. Stressed Out places an importance on lyrics that look at the transition from adolescence to adulthood and showcases an alien like synth paired with pop elements. Ride really showcases Joseph’s good lyrics with a reggae feel that blends into a electro sound. Fairy Local is another standout track that tackles distorted drums with a very intense sound.

Tear in my Heart tackles a more indie-pop genre that is extremely catchy and summer anthem-like. This track showcases a more pop-friendly sound that shows diversity in the album. Lane Boy goes on a journey that houses an abundance of break downs and ends in an electro celebration. Hometown plays with an indie-ambient style. The final track on the album Goner varies the style yet again with a stripped back track that is raw and emotional.

While too much variety can feel unpleasant, this album doesn’t go that far simply because the band’s exploration of different genres works well. However, I did feel at times the lyrics were too expositional and kept drilling into the brain of the listener the idea that these tracks won’t get played on the radio because they’re just too hipster. I think these ideas took away from the illusion of the album and were just incessant annoyances. Twenty One Pilots have created an animal with an observable expression of musicality and Blurryfaces houses a decent amount of tracks that pack a punch.