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Album Review: Turbowolf – The Free Life

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Photo: Wilful Publicity

The Bristol based rock band, Turbowolf, is back with their third studio album The Free Life. Contrary to the previous releases, this is a record full of collaborations that enrich the already elaborate Turbowolf ’s sound.

Gentle and whispered vocals open No No No, before being swept away by the powerful and aggressive drumming by Blake Davis. In this song, as throughout the entire album, the vocals are extremely high pitched in contrast with the darker music melody. The second track Capital X feat Joe Talbot starts with a burst of energy thanks to the forceful drum rhythm and the impeccable guitar and bass lines. As in other tracks, Capital X is cleverly structured using build ups and build downs to emphasis certain elements of the song, in this case the collaboration with Joe Talbot. Domino is another impressive track thanks to the feature with Mike Kerr by Royal Blood and his extraordinary guitar riff. The following song, Last Three Clues, is somehow more sophisticated and less raw than all the other songs before, but at the same time it remains highly intense. Apart from the great drum, guitar and bass lines for which I already expressed my appreciation, in Last Three Clues the keyboard sound is something spectacular too. The last song, Concluder, is an acoustic track far away from the energy and intensity of The Free Life, although it’s still perfectly crafted and well delivered.

The Free Life is a punk, rock, energetic, charismatic and fast paced album which perfectly sums up Turbowolf’s music style. I believe that all those fantastic crescendos and decrescendos, that vigorous drumming and those exceptional guitar and bass riffs will sound even greater live and they will excite the crowd during any Turbowolf’s concert.