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Album Review: Traams – Modern Dancing

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Taking a leap of faith and a significant step towards the future of Traams is the release of their second album Modern Dancing, a delectable snapshot with a strong message. Costner is the attention-demanding opener of Modern Dancing, equipped with an almost hypnotic beat that sets the tone for things to come, with the ending subtly fusing with the bass line of AnB almost effortlessly. Moving along to the fast paced and boisterous blast of desperate noise of Succulent Thunder Anthem, crafted with repetitive lyrics making it impossible to get out of your head. While Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme (Love) is the undeniable blow out track for the album, pulsing with frantic energy and a mist of angst.

Traams Modern DancingTaking on a somewhat lighter voice Neckbrace is crafted with an air of pop arrogance heighted by the sincerity of the guitar licks and juxtaposed by the organic vocals jamming a tale of anguish, “Sunday morning I keep calling singing your name, what’s the difference you’ve forgotten me anyway.” Taking more inspiration from the pop world is Silver Lining, with catchy riffs and a consistent beat that drives the song as Stu Hopkins exclaims “so go along / accept it all / it’s over”. Although the title is fairly sarcastic if you consider the bleak nature of the track, there’s a subtle inclination of hope that pulls you through and really isn’t that all a silver lining is?

Closing song Bite Mark is the perfect end of Modern Dancing, with an unnerving atmosphere much unlike the rest of the tracks. It tones down the tempo and puts a spotlight on the honest lyrics with Hopkins practically yelling, “did I drink through all my best years” / “tell me am I dreaming?” / “call it wishful thinking”.

Second time around the lads behind Traams delivered an album that’s so authentic it could pass for a live-recorded album, bursting with real energy and genuine emotion. With the only detriment to the album being it’s a bit too cohesive, but maybe that’s overreaching. Modern Dancing welcomes imperfections, feedback and apathetic lyrics and owns them, they only add to their brand of raw post-punk themed tunes.