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Album Review: Tom Jones – Long Lost Suitcase

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Tom Jones has just released his 41st studio album, which is staggering really. Given that, it’s okay to expect a lot from a seasoned professional like Jones. Long Lost Suitcase is a collection of hits from some of the biggest names in Rock and Country and it should by all accounts, be a success. However there is a slight snag, Long Lost Suitcase is very difficult to listen to.

Tom Jones Long Lost SuitcaseThe first track; Opportunity To Cry originally sung by Willie Nelson, is probably the best song on the whole album. It’s a brilliant cover and it sets this blanket tone over Long Lost Suitcase, which is this extraordinary feeling of honesty and strength. This track isn’t only really well produced, but it’s actually just really nice to listen to. It should be the perfect introduction to what could be a superb album, but the greatness falters a few times once this track ends.

The three hardest songs to listen to are; Everybody Loves A Train, Factory Girl and Raise A Ruckus. Whether it’s because of over production or under production – it is actually really hard to tell – all 3 of these tracks fall super short and are a little too scratchy on the ears to actually be enjoyable. The only redeemable aspects of all of these songs are Tom Jones’ vocals. They are real and they are raw and it’s a shame they’re almost drowned out completely by instruments that are both too loud and too echoey, to the point where it sounds like they were recorded in a bathroom.

There are highlights on this album and the best one is definitely, Bring It On Home. A song originally by rockers Led Zeppelin, Jones takes this track and basically gives it a whole new life, as it’s less intense rock and more country road. The simplicity of the track let’s Jones’ vocals shine, bringing out that swagger that we all know Jones could never lose.

Long Lost Suitcase has a few more misses than hits, but despite that it does have some really great moments that show everyone that Tom Jones well, he’s still got it.