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Album Review: The Wainwright Sisters – Songs In The Dark

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Many may be familiar with the Wainwright family and their musicality, particularly of Rufus and Martha; but now the focus is on Martha and half-sister Lucy Wainwright Roche, teaming up to become the duo The Wainwright Sisters. Their debut album Songs In The Dark consists of lullabies sung to them when they were younger, as well as songs by their father among other songwriters.

The Wainwright Sisters - Songs In The DarkThere is something eerily wonderful about the way the sisters harmonise. Lullabies already have a dreamy vibe but the Wainwrights add an extra spark. The subtleness of Hobo’s Lullaby really soothes the soul despite its deeper theme; when you’re young you don’t really think about the real meaning behind poetry. The lyrics to Lullaby are actually quite harsh with lines like “Shut up and go to bed…I’m sick and tired of all of your worries”, making it more disturbing than lulling.

The most warming aspect of this album is the use of the acoustic guitar and the strings throughout it; these songs are crafted to sound like fond or distinct memories. Long Lankin is a curious chant that is mostly delivered with a chorus of voices and bell chimes, it’s one of the most interesting tracks featured. Short and sweet tracks like Russian Melody and Go Tell Aunt Rhody are to be favoured as well.

The Wainwright Sisters successfully turned nostalgia into something dear to them, but also to those who were also brought up on the lullabies/songs. Songs In The Dark is not the most exciting of albums, yet it’s really interesting to hear the lullabies and songs brought to life by the duo.