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Album Review: Ringo Deathstarr – Pure Mood

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Eclectic pop rock outfit, Ringo Deathstarr make music that can only be described as a riveting racket and their latest release Pure Mood is just that. Opening the album is Dream Again, a much more delicate side to the punk scene of Pure Mood. With soft and airy vocals that echo and compliment the ethereal guitar chords it provokes a sense of movement as you drift through the motions.

Ringo Deathstarr Pure Mood

Adding to the electric wonderland, but taking it in a whole different direction entirely, (think acid trip) is Show Me The Truth Of Your Love. Taking the repetition of, “show me the truth of your love” that just fades and melts into the tambourine riffs and guitar chords played over a quirky beat before fading out.

Hitting the heavier beats, Heavy Metal Suicide is an all-in thrash of noise using intense guitar riffs to accentuate the lingering vocals.

The pair, Elliott Frazier and Alex Gehring brings the deep and delicate notes together to help the vocals, “never talk about, no I don’t know how” linger on. Stare At The Sun, Big Bopper and Boys In Heat also showcase the grittier elements at work on the record. By taking layers of droning guitar chords, rhythmic beats and adding edgy vocals makes for solid, consistent tracks. Unfortunately sometimes with a beat so substantial it’s often at a lose to the vocals, Guilt and California Car Collection find themselves lacking vocally due to the pulsing instrumentals taking over the track. But, picking up the pace again to close out Pure Mood, final track Acid Tongue invokes a frantic, raw energy to really finish it off on a high note.

Aptly named, Pure Mood is a manic, 12 track collection of songs that will spin your mood from calm and dreamy to brash and pensive. Each one does well at invoking a sense of emotion through the intensive beat and sharp riffs that are all too easy to groove too.