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Album Review: The Veronicas – Gothic Summer

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Album Review: The Veronicas - Gothic Summer

Since hitting the Australian music scene in 2005, The Veronicas are a Brisbane born pop duo who have gained cult status in their home country. The identical twins, whose career spans almost 20 years, are back with a new release Gothic Summer. From punk pop hits that claim ‘unofficial Aussie anthem’ status, to sisterly feuds and heartbreak, the twins claim that the new album is them doing it their way.

First track Perfect re-embraces pop punk, featuring Blink 182s Travis Barker on drums. The track challenges the curated, designer lifestyles we see plastered on social media. The lyrics remind us that nothing is here to stay, nothing perfect, and that our own mortality should encourage us to ‘start a riot’ rather than aim for perfection. The music video features a Huntsman spider crawling over the face of one of the sisters.

Detox is a catchy, punchy track which jumps between a fast and slow tempo with pop punk guitar and drums. There is an Avril Lavingue quality to the vocals and the slower moments bring a refreshing twist to the traditional form. Here To Dance is a bop that’s more pop than punk – sounding a lot like a Dua Lipa track. The disco influence works well and there are some catchy moments, but overall the production feels generic and uninspired.

Savage explores the unpredictable nature of love and relationships. It features Australian rapper Kerser who gives the otherwise unimaginative song a bit of punch. Invisible has a touch more impact – considering the human need to be heard and understood.  Ribcage is an emotional journey that uses morbid references and gothic imagery to describe the process of falling in love. The track features some nice piano and vocals but the ballad-ish form feels tired. I enjoyed the funky and surf-rock inspired stylings of Jungle but the chorus: “Life ain’t always fair / It’s a Jungle out there” is too lazy for it to warrant a second listen.

For a short, eight track album, there are too many lackluster moments in Gothic Summer. The Veronicas are a talented duo and their care-free vibe brings a fun element to the music – rightfully earning them their place in the Australian music hall of fame. Unfortunately, this album lacks imagination and, aside from some bites of pop punk nostalgia, leaves the listener feeling somewhat indifferent.