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Album Review: The Vamps – Wake Up

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It’s been a huge two years for British pop group The Vamps. They recently plagued radio with smash hits such as Can We Dance and Wild Heart, and their debut album Meet The Vamps was a multi-platinum seller around the world. Now they’re back with their follow-up record Wake Up, consisting of a colossal 18 tracks and soon to be supported by an array of international shows.

The Vamps - Wake UpThe Vamps’ previous work was so poppy and much like everything else on the charts, but now at times the sound they’ve gone for with Wake Up is more mature without losing their charm. The explosive Volcano and the intriguing lead single Wake Up are both torch carriers for the album with their unavoidable presence; then there are boppy numbers like Windmills that keep your head nodding.

For every upbeat moment there are downbeat moments that warm your heart, like the atmospheric ballad Stolen Moments and the acoustically charged Coming Down that show just how emotive and raw The Vamps can be; often pop albums can be excessively produced, so it’s always refreshing to hear something laid back. Written Off sees the album out with a bang and is an anthem that embraces youth and resting when you’re older. 

The Vamps are still having fun with the catchy pop tunes they’re bringing out. While there aren’t as many catchy, radio-made tracks on here as their previous album, it’s still a stand out. The group were labelled a ‘boy band’ by the average music listener in their beginnings but it’s clear that they’re much more; you can hear the passion The Vamps have for their craft, especially this time around with Wake Up.