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Album Review: The Rifles – None The Wiser

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From Chingford, London, The Rifles bring a dynamic and unique sound to the indie-rock platter. None The Wiser is their fourth studio album and the release itself is something that has a mixture of what makes indie rock music so enjoyable to listen to. The greatest thing about spinning a good indie rock album is enjoying every sweet minute of the catchy tunes that are on offer and this is why The Rifles have what it takes to be potentially one of the greatest indie rock bands ever.

The Rifles - None The WiserListening to Minute Mile awakens the soul of listeners because it definitely adds flavour to the album. Its flawless use of the famous indie rock riffs adds flare and sophistication to the band’s music and it’s obvious that they have cleverly structured the album by opening the album with a catchy and fun track. Heebie Jeebies and Go Lucky brings a pleasant atmosphere for listeners because they are honestly tracks that are reminiscent of the Beach Boys. Not only are The Rifles primarily an indie rock band but they also bring a little American Rock inspiration to the table as well.

What makes listening to None The Wiser so appealing as well is that they have also produced some slow songs as well. All I Need is a very calm and collected track giving off a relaxing vibe that many people will enjoy and it’s also an adorable love song. The music in this track is so well-produced because it keeps listeners hooked and wanting more. The chorus is quite lovely and catchy as well which is an added bonus. Same goes in favour with You Win Some, providing the harmonious continuum The Rifles have offered to the music world.

The last track  Under and Over adds the finishing touch to the album because it’s a vibrant and uplifting track. Fans will be impressed at how the track unravels into something quite extraordinary by starting off as fast-paced and finishing into a slow and peaceful way to conclude the album.

The Rifles have nailed their fourth studio album and people will find that their indie rock needs will be fulfilled once they give this record a spin. With the variety of tracks used in this album, the word ‘boring’ is definitely out of the picture in None The Wiser.