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Album Review: The Neighbourhood – Wiped Out!

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Never ones to shy away from material that might shock their audiences, fans of The Neighbourhood will be relieved to hear that Wiped Out! is as honest and raw as ever. Their second full-length release is an intriguingly articulate one with plenty of rhythm that marries with serious lyrics to really get you thinking.

The Neighbourhood Wiped Out!This release is full of big, bold tracks with lyrical depth that grows more and more with each play. Track Prey is the first on the album to feature the characteristic vocals of front man Jesse Rutherford as he pours his heart into the tune repeating “I feel like prey” paired with a mid tempo tune and big drum beats signifying the chorus. Much of the material on Wiped Out! is of the alternative rock variety with Cry Baby, Daddy Issues, Greetings From Califournia and Ferrari each playing into the classic, soulful signature sound you’d expect from The Neighbourhood paired with lyrics so deep they stick with you long after each listen.

There’s a quirky balance at work within the collection that is Wiped Out!, scattered across are two captivating transition songs, title track Wiped Out! and Baby Come Home/Valentine. Both of these tracks find themselves subtly blending smooth and sultry beats into an escalation of bigger, bolder almost frenzied waves of sound that on a first listen definitely come off a tad confusing. They’re a combination of sounds that shouldn’t work, but with some more listens the crashing waves of music definitely become less daunting and come to grow on you.

To finish off Wiped Out! is lead single R.I.P. 2 My Youth, an emotionally heavy track with a big sound that is an eloquent way to close off the album. As a track it brings home the big themes of each of the songs, while your ears aren’t struck with anything unpleasant, your mind is taking in the fearless attitude of The Neighbourhood – they aren’t afraid to give you raw, personal material. Looping back to the first track Moment Of Silence creates a weighted silence where the album really hits you as you’re left with nothing but your thoughts.

Wiped Out! is like a late night beach party in the height of summer, it’s smooth and effortless with the promise of something spectacular imminent. You’ll open your heart and soul to this record and it’ll give back to you tenfold, the music is a comforting sound that takes the edge off the serious stories that are unveiled in each song. After you’ve laughed, cried and made some memories you’ll find yourself pondering what you just experienced and definitely ‘wipe out’ trying to figure it all out.