Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

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Album Review: The Mantles – All Odds End

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They’ve got two intriguing albums under their belt but it’s their latest release – their third – that really puts indie rockers The Mantles in a league of their own. Entitled All Odds End it’s a record that was crafted to please, with everything impressing, from the way the beat and riffs compliment the vocals to the in-depth meaning within each track.

The Mantles - All Odds EndTrack Doorframe is a smooth, almost magical sounding song that’s matched with the crisp vocals of Michael Olivares that effectively describes the feeling of the in between. Using the vivid lyrics “Ooh nothing like standing in a doorframe all day.” as a perfect snapshot of the threshold of change. Keeping on with songs created in reality is Time To Come Away, using an upbeat melody and steady drumbeat to contrast with the almost melancholy lyrics of moving on. Coming out strong with lines such as “Now here we are in the dark, cynicism’s new start (stock), here and now time to come away” it’s a track that hits you hard and leaves you feeling numbs as it fades into the next one. The Mantles are all about laying it all out in their lyrics, but taking the edge off with their charming backing melody, present in Police My Love. Detailing a tale about love on lockdown, they use a frantic beat and a cymbal crash to heighten the chorus.

Finishing off the album is Stay and it never drops the beat from tracks before it making it all too easy to loop back and start back on The Island proving that a consistent album makes for a smooth journey. The Mantles have delivered an incredibly clever record with All Odds End. Completing an act of disguising song that hold an eloquent meaning behind them as almost carefree indie rock jams that win you over instantly before you delve into the lyrics that will resound with your soul. It’s the combination of superb song writing and an intricate instrumental arrangement that truly makes this album solid.