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Album Review: The Killers – Wonderful Wonderful

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Photo: Anton Corbijn / Mushroom

Wonderful Wonderful is the fifth album from The Killers, the loveable Las Vegas rogues with tunes in all of the right places. This outing sees Brandon and his boys explore more intriguing avenues that further cement their status as modern icons of rock.

 The eponymous track is a moody affair, the bass parts skulk around like stalkers from a horror movie. Even in its simplicity, the aggression is not lost floating in the ether; rather it broods above as if it were leaden with thunder, lightning and all things frightening.

Nothing; that’s right nothing, can oust The Man as one of THE singles of the year. It’s sparkly, it’s smooth and it’s going to be in your head for weeks now. The Killers straddle the multiverse of genres with ease, and reiterates the mantra that pop music is not lesser in stature than their beloved rock.

Where The Man catapults The Killers into new territory, Rut is a clear descendent from their other generation defining hits. It’s a comforting moment of clarity at the heart of the excitement, a moment to collect oneself as Brandon Flowers soothes any troubles away.

The ballads continue to the close, with Have All The Songs Been Written becoming an emotional parting gift from the band to their fans – for now. There is a lot of depth to this track, many levels of feeling to wade through but still the loving message of support is not lost in the fray.

As fresh as The Man sounded when it first burst onto the scene, it comes as a little disappointment that the remainder of the record is entrenched firmly in an older Killers style. Whilst delivering on classic sounds, there are brief moments of something much more colourful at play. The Killers need to trust in the glitter and sequins and themselves just that little bit more for Wonderful Wonderful to have been truly marvellous.