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Album Review: The Jet Age – Destroy. Rebuild

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American indie/rock group The Jet Age are no strangers to concept albums, and they seem to lean towards the darker spectrum of life, particularly with an album like In Love where a love triangle gets the better of a relationship. Their new album Destroy. Rebuild was written in the midst of events like the Baltimore riots, the tragic death of Eric Garner and the outcomes of the 2014 U.S midterm elections; in general the album is about those who struggle to find their way. Let’s give it a whirl and hear what’s in store.

The Jet Age - Destroy. RebuildIf you’re here to rock out, it seems you have come to the right place, tracks like Don’t Make A Sound and I Wrote You This Song keep the energy up, and there’s no sign of slowing down as the album is packed with a pure intensified sound. At first you think Who Will I Sing This Song For? would be the mellower track, but soon before long the pace picks up and the sound gradually fills itself. The Jet Age don’t really need any slow tracks to get their message across, so there’s no downhill from the uphill here.

It’s not all solid though, you can’t help but feel that I Can’t Breathe is ramble, you want to follow it but unfortunately it’s easy to tune out; same goes for The World Is Bigger Than My Two Hands, the vocals sound so and so and makes you lose focus. Closing track Epilogue is instrumental bliss, this is the track you go to for pure appreciation of this album’s arrangements. The album is completely home made and recorded live in the same room, you really get that vibe as the overall sound of the record is ‘in your face’.

The Jet Age are steadily becoming a little more unique witch each release, and it’s great how they go with a concept and run with it. Destroy. Rebuild will either be a hit or a miss, a hit for those who enjoy a fast pace roller coaster ride of a rock album; or a miss for those who wanted a little more substance than what was already on offer, it’s not a very diverse album and it doesn’t seem to have been a challenging territory for the group to venture in. Fans of The Jet Age should still enjoy as they haven’t strayed too far from their signature sound, so that’s a plus!