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Album Review: Taylor Locke – Time Stands Still

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LA based singer/songwriter Taylor Locke is well loved on the music scene, particularly as being the front man of his band Rooney and soon after Taylor Locke & The Roughs; now the singer is branching out as a solo artist for the very first time, to put the ball in motion he’s releasing his debut album Time Stands Still. The British Invasion era springs to mind when listening to both of Taylor’s groups, each reminiscent of bands such as The Beatles and The Cars; will we hear such influences flowing through his solo work?

PrintThe answer begins as a ‘yes’ to the previous question, Burbank Woman has somewhat of a Paul McCartney vibe to it, you can definitely imagine The Beatles coming out with a track that is so vocally intact and light-hearted; the sound Taylor Locke seems to have gone for is perfect, The Game is different from the former but still falls into place, his delivery is spot on. Lead single Running Away From Love is a fun and catchy number, the keys help to make it bouncy and that consistent beat keeps you captivated, the ideal candidate to give listeners a first taste of solo Taylor; Don’t Be A Stranger also has a memorable melody, the electric guitars in this one are what sells the track to you. The introduction to So Long is wonderful, when the verse kicks in it feels like we’re being taken back to the 70s or 80s for a number in a smash hit movie musical, it’s so perfectly put together with its addictive melody and interesting arrangement.

Title track Time Stands Still is nice little guitar ballad, its chorus shows a more vulnerable tone to Taylor’s voice and really appeals to you, it gives an insight to Locke’s growth throughout his fruitful career and personal development; Call Me Kuchu is punchy, Locke really can rock it out when he wants to, just like John Lennon he doesn’t hold back his rough side as it’s just as enticing as his smoother tone. The Art of Moving On is poetically delivered and successfully conceived, he basically suggests ways to move on from a previously troubled and ended relationship, advice we can all take every once in a while; Going, Going, Gone is another catchy track you’ll find yourself humming along to, an art Locke has perfected with this album. The warm hum of the guitar brings us into the melodically accomplished No Dice, the final track on the album, which sees it out on a comfortable note.

Taylor Locke has achieved wonders with Time Stands Still, he has such a beautiful sound going for him and he should run with it and see where it takes him next; although this is his solo debut, Locke has been hard and at it since 1999 and it really shows in the quality of his music and lyrics, which together make a stunning power couple. You could definitely hear elements of The Beatles/John Lennon in many of the tracks, influences he could easily cite as he writes with that era in mind; to sum it up, Time Stands Still really grabs you and is a great fusion of pop/folk/rock that makes you want to hear it all again, just stunning.