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Album Review: Springtime Carnivore – Springtime Carnivore

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Have you ever listened to an album and felt like you’ve just been transported to another decade? Like you’ve just hoped into the DeLorean from Back to the Future and travelled into the past? Well that’s exactly what it feels like after listening to the self titled debut album from American artist Springtime Carnivore (aka Greta Morgan). Almost every song on this uplifting record feels like it was produced during the early sixties pop era and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, in fact its quite the opposite.

Springtime CarnivoreThe album opens with a soothing 54 second instrumental which leads into Collectors, a catchy, bright flowing melody that sets the tone for the rest of the record. The fun times continue with in my opinion the highlight of the album Name on a Matchbox. The up-tempo track is sure to make you dance while Morgan’s mesmerising vocals will have you singing ‘I got your name on a matchbook, I leave your face in the past’ all day long. We are then catapulted into the album’s groovy debut single Sun Went Black, a retro pop sounding tune with a modern day twist that keeps your feet moving.

Things slow down a little for the smooth sounds of Foxtrot Freak (something in the Atmosphere), a beautiful ballad that feels like it has been influenced by The Beatles. Whilst most songs on the album feature an explosion of instruments Other side of the Boundary keeps things simple with just the calm strings of an acoustic guitar which puts the focus on Morgan’s alluring vocals.

Unfortunately the second half of the album doesn’t quite live up to the first as songs like Last One To Know and Talk To Me Slow tend to drag on and almost lose attention. I wouldn’t say the second half lets the album down however; it does lose the punch created by the songs in the  first half of the album. Low Clouds is a fitting sign off with a gorgeous piano melody that sums up this ebullient record.

Produced by Morgan and the talented Richard Swift (The Black Keys, The Shins), Springtime Carnivore’s debut album is a fun and uplifting journey filled with summertime jams that are sure to get you up and dancing. Whilst I feel that the first half of the album seems to outplay the second half, it is still an impressive debut album nonetheless and I look forward to hearing what Springtime Carnivore has in store for us next.